C2 Decking Screws TX20 - 4.5 x 65
C2 Decking Screws TX20 - 4.5 x 65

Product type: Unknown Type

Vendor: PSTimber


Availability: Unavailable


C2 Decking Screw TX20 CSK GREEN 4.5 X 65 - Tub of 250


  • Countersunk head
  • Ribs under the head for improved countersinking
  • Helix shank for removing debris & to improve clamping
  • Strengthened head to prevent shearing when installed with an impact tool
  • Patented multi layer corrosion resistant plating, withstands up to 1,000 hours in a salt spray cabinet
  • 40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull out resistance
  • Tub contains 250 screws