18mm Kronospan OSB3
18mm Kronospan OSB3

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18mm OSB3 BOARD - 18mm x 1220mm x 2440mm FSC APPROVED 

OSB3 is an incredibly versatile and durable building board. The composition of oriented strand board is very similar to that of plywood, the opposing-orientation of wood fibres gives it the rigidity and strength needed to  perform exceptionally well in humid environments. OSB3 is a great alternative to plywood and as such is ideal for both interior and exterior structural applications such as flooring, wall sheathing, hoarding and roofing etc.
It has fantastic load-bearing properties, great cross dimensional stability and an aesthetically pleasing wood patterned finish. OSB3 can also be used for domestic applications such as furniture, garden sheds, boarding up windows, packaging, and pallet tops and sign boards.
OSB3 is manufactured using layered flakes of wood which are compressed and bonded together with wax and resin adhesive. 
Features and benefits

  • Load bearing/structural board for use in humid conditions.
  • Free of natural defects
  • A universal structural board for basic applications in timber construction
  • FSC® Certified