18mm MDF Handy Panel 606mm x 1220mm

18mm MDF Handy Panel 606mm x 1220mm




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18mm MDF Handy Panel - 18mm x 606mm x 1220mm

MDF (Medium Density Fibre-board) is an extremely versatile sheet material and interior panel, it has a high internal bond strength and as such is widely used within the construction and joinery industry. MDF is manufactured using wood fibres, which are then mixed with resin and waxes, these are then hot pressed to the required thickness. These wood fibres are sourced from environmentally friendly forest thinnings, recycled wood,pallets, and sawdust. 

MDF is free from defects,  easily cut and shaped with both hand and machine tools providing a surface which is easily painted or otherwise decorated. 

Standard MDF is for internal use only, contact with moisture will cause the board to swell and expand. 

Key Features

  • Easily screwed and glued

  • Free of natural defects. Lack of knots and grain ensures that it can be cut in all directions while maintaining its original strength

  • Sands and finishes well

  • Can be glued, screwed, painted and veneered to suit many end users

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