6mm BB/BB Russian Baltic Birch Plywood (Class 2)
6mm BB/BB Russian Baltic Birch Plywood (Class 2)

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6mm BB/BB Russian Birch Plywood (Class 2)

If you're unsure of the Grade you need, read this guide.

Russian Birch, also known  as Baltic Birch, is generally regarded as being of a higher quality than standard Birch plywood. Russian Birch is very popular due to its combination of strength and visual appeal. Because of its unique construction, core layers of birch veneers form a void-free core.

Manufactured from a dense timber species Birch Plywood is a high quality, multi-ply hardwood panel, offering consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing. The multiple veneers which make up this plywood, increase its structural stability as well as offering a first-class finish. It is used widely in construction and other precision engineering applications. The grade of board we supply is BB/CP and BB/BB.

Constructed from many thin layers, Birch plywood has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is visually more appealing than standard plywood, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. These include tables, drawer parts, cabinets, bookcases, floors, packaging, skateboards, toys and more. 

A versatile plywood that cuts and finishes well, these boards are light colour making them suitable for staining, but are commonly finished with clear lacquers or oils.

EN314-2 (bonding quality) and EN636 (durability & bonding) are ‘harmonised standards’ to clarify which plywoods can be used under different conditions. These tests determine the class that plywood can be specified under.

EN314-2 Class 2  - Humid conditions (protected external surface, 'damp' internal uses, and limited exposure during construction)

EN636-2 Class 2 This class is appropriate  for  protected external applications, it is also suitable for interior situations  where the service moisture content is  raised above the Class 1 level.  EN636-2 (Class 2) Defines that the product contains timber that is classed as non-durable and is suitable for use in humid areas or exposure to occasional wetting. It can be used in an exterior application when fully covered or given a fully external decoration.

BB/BB: The second highest grade of Russian birch ply.  Boasting a predominantly unfilled and sanded veneer. Single piece face and back. Both the face and back veneers on average allow for 3-6 small colour-matched patches and some light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. The inner cores are comprised of solid single piece veneers. All major defects are replaced with wood patches. A restricted number of solid minor knots are admissible along with small, closed splits


Sheet Product Specification

Width - 1220mm
Height - 2440mm
Depth - 6mm
FSC® Certified

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