PSTimber Launches!

PSTimber Launches!
Hey everyone! 
Thank you so much for checking out our new business & website, the whole team at PSTimber are super excited about this new venture.
Now you are probably thinking who are we? What do we do and where did the idea come from?
Well where do I start, our team is small but fierce, just the six of us we are one big family and we love what we do. The idea came from our partner business, QPS Ltd which manufacture's bespoke casing for the aviation, aerospace & marine sector using only high quality timber. As you can imagine offcuts is something we have often and to be more environmentally friendly we decided to sell them using social media. BOOM this was the game changer. We were truly mind blown how popular these were and how many returning customers we had. This is where the idea for PSTimber began. We realised we can sell our quality timber for a fraction of the price than the larger retailers meaning you make huge savings and cut out the middleman. 
The offcuts quickly sold out so that's when we decided to  start selling full sheets. we grew a large customer base very quickly and recommendations came flying in. We were super pleased to discover this is something that is worth while in taking further. We started out as QPS Plywood but then after much research & discussions it proved going active on the web would make it easier for people to find us and order... So began PSTimber!
The benefit of having a small team means everything is personal for the customer, we have a 24/7 chat available for all questions & queries which is managed by Sarah (director) so you know you are going to get a trusted answer from the people who know the best.
I really do hope you find our website useful & we appreciate all the support.
  Thank you from all the team here at PSTimber.