The PSTimber Guide On How To Calculate Decking

The PSTimber Guide On How To Calculate Decking

Calculating decking can seem daunting but once you know how - it's easy. We've put together a handy decking calculator guide to show you how to work out the amount of decking you will need for your project. 

Step 1 - Decking Surface Area

First you will need to plan the overall size of your decking area and the shape in which you want it. Once you have planned the size of your decking area you will need to calculate the Decking Surface Area.

Simply multiply the Length (L) of your decking area by the Width (W) of your decking area: L x W = Decking Surface Area

Step 2 - Single Board Coverage

Next you will need to calculate the coverage area of the decking boards. (You will also need to consider the Expansion Gap**)

Add your decking board Width (W) to the Expansion Gap Length (EGL)

Add the decking board Length (L) to the Expansion Gap Width (EGW)

Multiply these together: (W + EGL) x (L + EGW) = Single Board Coverage in m²

Step 3 - Total Number of Decking Boards

Lastly, divide the Decking Surface Area (DSA) by the Surface Board Coverage (SBC) and multiply by 1.1

DSA ÷ SBC x 1.1 = Total amount of boards required including wastage.

Expansion Gaps Explained

Expansion gaps are important as they ensure that rainwater can run through the decking instead of pooling on top - they also give the decking boards space when they contract and expand due to seasonal changes. You will need to make sure there are gaps between each board respectively, both at the ends and along the length. Timber decking boards typically need a 5-8mm gap along the length (EGL) and a 3mm gap at the ends (EGW)

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