Good with Wood

Good with Wood

In July 2020 we launched our Good with Wood initiative. We were several months into the first lockdown when we decided to plan and launch a community project. We have been very fortunate to have grown exponentially in the midst of the pandemic, mainly due to the fantastic locals who have continued to buy from us and refer us to friends, many businesses haven’t been as lucky. With this in mind we felt we had a responsibility to give back to the local community. 

PS Timber’s founder Sarah Wilkinson came up with the idea for Good with Wood. As a timber merchant we knew we had a wealth of high quality timber at our disposal and a team of skilled carpenters on hand to design and build something that could really make a difference to someone's day-to-day life. We decided that we would donate this to someone in need in the local community. 

We launched our marketing campaign across several channels and asked people to make nominations, we accepted nominations for individuals, families, charities, hospices, businesses and outreach projects. 

We were open to building all types of timber related projects such as access ramps, handrails, seating, outdoor decking areas - anything that could be built using the materials we stock and regularly work with. 

We received a flurry of nominations via our Good with Wood page. We soon realised that it would be impossible to choose one person out of all the nominations made. There were so many worthy causes that we wanted to donate to. In the end we chose three projects. The nominees and their projects are as follows:

St Jude’s Catholic Primary School - St Jude’s is nestled in the heart of Fareham, they were nominated by a member of the public who requested some picnic benches for an outside reading area that was being developed for the students. However, St Jude’s isn’t state funded so they didn't have the additional spend to buy the picnic benches. We built and delivered two rectangular picnic benches to the school which are now being used in the reading area.

The Millerchip Family - This incredible family was nominated by a family member. Dane & Emily have 7 year old twin girls and a newborn baby. The twins, Grace & Olivia, were born prematurely and as a result both have Cerebral Palsy. Grace is in a wheelchair and needs 1:1 support with every aspect of her day-to-day life. The Millerchip’s project was for an accessible playhouse for the girls to play in. We donated a product from our sister company Dinky Dwellings, the medium Dinky Dwelling playhouse was the perfect fit for their garden and we hope they enjoy playing in it for many years to come. 

Ms Smith - Ms Smith was nominated by her granddaughter Ashleigh. Ms Smith is 85 and has been isolating for the entirety of lockdown, she spends her days sitting in her garden watching the birds. Ashleigh told us that her grandmother feels that Robin’s represent fallen loved ones and because of this she enjoys feeding them and watching them fly around the garden. Ashleigh requested a bird table - pictured below with Ms Smith’s Great Grandson Roman. 

Good with Wood also featured in The Portsmouth News, you can find the link to the article here.

For enquiries pertaining to Dinky Dwellings please visit here

Lockdown posed problems for delivering these projects but thankfully they have all now been received. We hope to continue this initiative in the future and we look forward to your nominations.